Thomas Sowel Quotes

Paradoxically, while feasibility is seldom addressed when proposing public policy, severe limitations on what is feasible by others are often assumed by those with the vision of the anointed and pushed to the point of determinism, with a corresponding denial of personal responsibility. Since the bottom line of the prevailing vision is that anointed are moral surrogates to make decisions for other people, these other people must be seen as incapable of making the right decisions for themselves. -- P. 189

The extent to which there are additional costs associated with unsegregated hiring is an empirical question, and no doubt varies from place to place and from time to time. However, even during the Jim Crow era in the American South, blacks were seldom paid less by an employer for doing the same job as white employees. Rather, black were excluded from certain higher paying jobs that would have put them on the same plane as whites. -- P. 87

When people are presented with the alternatives of hating themselves for their failures or hating others for their success, they seldom choose to hate themselves. -- P. 77

Green (v. County School Board of New Kent County) was in many ways as decisive a case as Brown...-it was a substitution of a very different process- one in which children were to be assigned to schools by race instead of without regard to race. -- P. 68

In the west, racism was promoted by slavery, rather than vice versa. -- P. 195

What a student can judge is how well the professor conveyed the information in the course- how clearly the material was presented and how interesting it seemed- but what the student is not equipped to judge is what information and conflicting analysis was left out. -- P. 96

As far back as 1980, college-educated black married couples earned slightly more than white college-educated married couples...By 1989, blacks, whites, and Hispanics in the United States of the same age (29) and with the same IQ (100) all had annual incomes within a thousand dollars of one another when they worked year-round. -- P. 174

What the rednecks or crackers brought with them across the ocean was a whole constellation of attitudes, values, and behavior patterns that might have made sense in the world which they had lived for centuries, but which would prove to be counterproductive in the world to which they were going- and counterproductive to the blacks who would live in their midst for centuries before emerging into freedom and migrating to the urban centers of the United States, taking with them similar values. -- P. 6

Many who have dismissed the anti-slavery words of the founders of the American republic as just rhetoric have not bothered to check the facts of history. Washington, Jefferson, and other founders did not just talk, they acted. -- P. 145

The most important reason why women earn less than men is not that they are paid less for doing the very same work but that they are distributed differently among jobs and have fewer hours and less continuity in the labor force. Among college-educated, never married individuals with no children who worked full time and were from 40 to 64 years old- that is, beyond the child bearing years- men averaged $40,000 a year in income, while women averaged $47,000. -- P. 70

Europeans became mass traders of African slaves largely by purchase from Africa‘s more powerful tribes and empires. -- P. 195

-it was during the 1960s that crime rates began skyrocketing among both blacks and whites, and it was precisely after the historic civil rights laws were passed that blacks began rioting in cities across the country. -- P. 167

If crime is a product of poverty and discrimination as they say endlessly, why was there so much less of it when poverty and discrimination were much worse than today? -- P. 85

For businesses in general, whether large or small, the availability of other people‘s money is often crucial. Without property rights, lenders are reluctant to lend to people who do not have the cash to pay then back- and whose homes or other assets are not recognized as theirs by the legal system, and therefore cannot be used as collateral that can be foreclosed and transferred to the lender in case of default. -- P. 202

-specialists are not solipsists. They are simply aware of the limitations of the human mind, and of the implications of those limitations, as the anointed so often are not. -- P. 205

Efficiency is the difference between having the necessities, comforts and amenities of high income countries and suffering the hunger and deprivations too often found in poor countries. -- P. 117

reward or by producing equal performances. Since the latter is all but impossible, if only because everyone is not equally interested in the same kinds of performances, the passion for equality leads toward a divorce of performance and reward- which is to say a divorce of incentive and behavior, and even a divorce of cause and effect in out minds. -- P. 94

Freedom, wherever it exists in the world today, owes much to developments in Britain. These include not only the historic evolution of a free society in the United Kingdom itself, providing political models and legal precedents for other free societies around the world, but also Britain‘s key role in destroying the international slave trade in the nineteenth century, and its crucial role when the survival of freedom in the world was threatened in the early and dark days of World War II. -- P. 87

History has also dealt unkindly with the notion that 'racial purity' produces people capable of higher achievements than those of mixed ancestry...While there may not be any absolutely pure races in the world today, some are less mixed than others. The purest of all are likely to be found in geographically isolated places, which are typically places poorer and less technologically or educationally advanced than others. -- P. 372

Nothing is easier to find than sins and shortcomings among human beings, regardless of their race. -- P. 262