Thomas Sowel Quotes

Only God could have a free choice- and only on the first day of creation, since He would be confronted on the second day by what He had already done on the first. -- P. 223

The percentage of employed blacks who were professional and technical workers rose less in the five years following the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than in the five years preceding it. -- P. 49

Empirically, political activity and political success have been neither necessary nor sufficient for economic advancement... It would perhaps be easier to find an inverse correlation between political activity and economic success than a direct correlation. Groups that have the skills for other things seldom concentrate in politics. Moreover, politics has special advantages for ethnic minority groups, however much it may benefit individual ethnic leaders. Public displays of ethnic solidarity and/or chauvinism are the life blood of ethnic politics. Yet chauvinism almost invariably provokes counter chauvinism. -- P. 32

It was common for Sothern slaveholders to hire white workers, often Irish immigrants, to do work considered too dangerous for slaves. -- P. 200

Thus the institution of slavery, existing on every continent and going back thousands of years, is often discussed as if it were peculiar to Western civilization when, in fact, even the African slave trade was carried on by Arabs for centuries before Europeans took part, and continued for at least another century after the European slave trade to the Western Hemisphere ended. . . At the heart of the story was the West‘s ending of slavery in its own domains within a century and maintaining pressure on other nations for even longer to stamp out this practice. Instead, the West has been singled out as peculiarly culpable for a worldwide evil in which it participated, when in fact its only real uniqueness was in ultimately opposing and destroying the evil. -- P. 149 - 150

Moreover, it is only the To explain slavery as being a consequence of certain ideas leading to bondage for African‘s is to ignore the glaring fact that slavery extended in time and space far beyond Europeans and Africans, and far beyond those who shared particular European ideas. -- P. 189

Research findings have consistently shown black females to have higher IQ test scores, and most other test scores, than black males in the United States. The same was true among Jews when they scored low on mental tests in the past. However, among white- raised black orphans with an average IQ of 106, there was no female advantage, suggesting that the striking predominance of females among high-IQ blacks is an environmental rather than a racial phenomenon. -- P. 171

Everything fails by irrelevant standards. -- P. 207

Carrying safety-first to such extremes on all the millions of products in the economy would raise costs in general and correspondingly lower real income and living standard of the public. -- P. 71

It is bitter medicine to the fully qualified individual to be denied employment because of the racial, ethnic, or other group to which he belongs. It is economically fallacious, however, to say that the below average earnings of the group as a whole are due to such discrimination. -- P. 89

-many of these same advocates of land use restrictions would also proclaim their concern over a need for 'affordable housing.' -- P. 107

reach the top ten percent in individual income required an income of $87,300 in 2004. -- P. 138

-the simple formula of hysteria-by-quotient has been creating false alarms-and best selling books-for more than a century. -- P. 70

Women who remain single earn 91 percent of the income of men who remain single, in the age bracket from 25 to 64 years old...women are typically not educated as often in such highly paid fields as mathematics, science, and engineering, nor attracted to physically taxing and well paid fields as construction work, lumberjacking, coal mining and the like. -- P. 92

Despite the depiction of property rights as mere protections those who own substantial property, it has often been the affluent and the wealthy who have abridged property rights through the political process, in order to keep working class and other less affluent people from coming into their communities and changing its character via the developers and the financial institutions which supply developers the capital to bid away land from existing owners. -- P. 106

The case for the political left looks more plausible on the surface but is harder to keep believing in as you become more experienced. -Chapter: "Left Vs. Right"

An airport, a hospital, or a sports arena is considered desegregated when everyone has the opportunity to use it. Regardless of what proportions of people from what groups actually use it. But a school with exactly the same racial proportions as an audience attending an opera or passengers using Dulles Airport could easily be served with a federal court order to desegregate, while other institutions would not be. -- P. 64

(in 1969) Harvard economist Richard Freeman compared blacks and whites whose homes included newspapers, magazines, and library cards, and who had also gone on to obtain the same number of years of schooling. There was no difference in the average income of these whites compared to these blacks. -- P. 80

Much discussion of the decisions of businessmen in general by intellectuals proceeds as if employers, landlords, and others operating under the systemic pressures of the marketplace are free to make arbitrary and capricious decisions based on prejudice and misinformation–as if they were intellectuals sitting around a seminar table–and pay no price for being mistaken. — P. 188

In general, the expansion of the white settlers into Indian territory in North America was directed primarily toward taking over the land itself, rather than acquiring Indians as subjects of the government or as vassals of white landowners or of European ecclesiastical establishments, as happened in much of Spanish America. -- P. 298 - 299