Thomas Sowel Quotes

Moreover, it is only the To explain slavery as being a consequence of certain ideas leading to bondage for African‘s is to ignore the glaring fact that slavery extended in time and space far beyond Europeans and Africans, and far beyond those who shared particular European ideas. -- P. 189

-hundreds of black chemists were employed in private industry before World War II, when not a single major university had a black professor of chemistry. -- P. 123

In 1899, there were four academic public high schools in Washington, D.C.- one black and three white. In standardized tests given that year, students in the black high school averaged higher test scores than students in two of three white schools. -- P. 204

What can any society hope to gain by having some babies in that society born into the world with a priori grievances against other babies born into that same society on the same day? -- P. 251

One of the reasons why basics are not learned is that they are not taught- at least not at the same level or with the same emphasis as in the past...Some idea of how far the deliberate erosion of standards has gone may be gotten from looking at the once-standard McGuffey‘s Readers from generations ago, or by looking at examinations from that by- gone era. -- P. 7

-while man may discriminate against various minorities, nature discriminates against whole nations and continents. -- P. 348

Everyone is a 'progressive' by his own lights. That the anointed believe that this label differentiates themselves from other people is one of a number of symptoms of their naïve narcissism. -- P. 95

Is this then 'racism' or 'behaviorism'? That is, is race or behavior and attitudes that are being condemned? -- P. 367

-for each particular piece of legislation or any given legal case, the incremental damage done to the Constitution may seem slight. It is only in the aggregate that this pursuit of cosmic justice 'at all costs' becomes a dangerous destruction of the rights that define and defend a free society. -- P. 173

-many of these same advocates of land use restrictions would also proclaim their concern over a need for 'affordable housing.' -- P. 107

Others who share a similarly secular view are often driven to personify 'society' in order to re-introduce concepts of moral responsibility and justice into the cosmos, seeking to rectify the tragic misfortunes of individuals and groups through collective action in the name of 'social justice.' -- P. 5

The most important reason why women earn less than men is not that they are paid less for doing the very same work but that they are distributed differently among jobs and have fewer hours and less continuity in the labor force. Among college-educated, never married individuals with no children who worked full time and were from 40 to 64 years old- that is, beyond the child bearing years- men averaged $40,000 a year in income, while women averaged $47,000. -- P. 70

The peculiarities of ghetto speech, often imitated even among contemporary black middle-class youth, are said to derive from African speech patterns, when in fact most of those very same words and phrases were part of the speech patterns in those parts of Britain from which Southerners came, centuries ago. -- P. 225

Even in the absence of differences in toil or reward, the seeming conjuring of wealth out of thin air, apparently by 'overcharging' others or making them pay back more money than was lent, has been seen as parasitic activity, rather than as a contribution to the well- being of the community. -- P. 70

As for the top 20 percent, so often referred to as 'the rich,'...In income, a little over $58,000 a year was enough to put a household in the top 20 percent in 1992 and a little under $100,000 was enough to put it in the top 5 percent. -- P. 51

Everyone is for a beneficial outcome; they simply define it in radically different terms. Everyone is a “progressive” by his own lights. That the anointed believe that this label differentiates themselves from other people is one of a number of symptoms of their naive narcissism. — P. 95

The presumed irrationality of the public is a pattern running through many, if not most or all, of the great crusades of the anointed in the twentieth century–regardless of the subject matter of the crusade or the field in which it arises. Whether the issue has been ‘overpopulation,’ Keynesian economics, criminal justice, or natural resource exhaustion, a key assumption has been that the public is so irrational that the superior wisdom of the anointed must be imposed, in order to avert disaster. The anointed do not simply happen to have a disdain for the public. Such disdain is an integral part of their vision, for the central feature of that vision is preemption of the decisions of others. — P. 123-124

Anyone can be wrong about the future...Being wrong about the past is something else. -- P. 79

they have already earned-never to those wanting to take other people‘s money in taxes or to those wishing to live on the largess dispenses from such taxation. -- P. 186

One of the most remarkable feats of those with the vision of the anointed has been the maintenance of their reputations in the face of repeated predictions that proved to be wrong by miles. -- P. 64