Thomas Sowel Quotes

Although Hispanics have overtaken blacks numerically as part of the population, blacks still receive more doctorates than Hispanics. While the Asian American population is only a fraction of the size of either the black or Hispanic population, Asian Americans receive more doctorates than Hispanics and nearly as many as blacks. -- P. 155

Wishing to see a poor but meritorious man win a lottery is radically different from insisting government redistributive policies...we reward productivity rather than merit, for the perfectly valid reason that we know how to do it. -- P. 23

While the top ten corporate executives earned an average of $59 million each in 2004, the top ten celebrities earned an average of $119 million each that same year- twice as much. -- P. 141

The term 'affirmative action' was first used in a racial discrimination context in President John F. Kennedy‘s Executive Order No. 10,925 in 1961...'take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin.' -- P. 39

-exploration of the vision of the anointed will begin with its greatest achievement and its greatest danger which are one and the same: That vision has become self-contained and self-justifying- which is to say, independent of empirical evidence. That is what makes it dangerous, not because a particular set of policies may be flawed or counterproductive, but because insulation from evidence virtually guarantees a never ending supply of policies and practices fatally independent from reality. This self contained and self justifying vision has become a badge of honor and a proclamation of identity: To affirm it is to be one of us and to oppose it is to be one of them. Moreover, the pervasiveness of the vision of the anointed at all levels of the American educational system ensures future supplies of people indoctrinated with this vision and also convinced that they should 'make a difference,'- that public policy is seen as ego gratification from imposing one‘s vision on other people through the power of government. -- P. 241

Moreover, it is only the To explain slavery as being a consequence of certain ideas leading to bondage for African‘s is to ignore the glaring fact that slavery extended in time and space far beyond Europeans and Africans, and far beyond those who shared particular European ideas. -- P. 189

The United States has been ethnically diverse for more than a century. Yet, successive massive waves of immigrants have arrived on these shores and become Americans without any such programs as have been proposed by the multiculturalists. -- P. 72

Many who have dismissed the anti-slavery words of the founders of the American republic as just rhetoric have not bothered to check the facts of history. Washington, Jefferson, and other founders did not just talk, they acted. -- P. 145

Even in the twenty-first century, 'two-thirds of the world‘s illiterate adults are women,' according to the Economist magazine. However, at the other end of the educational spectrum, women in the most industrially advanced countries are going on to higher education in numbers comparable to men- and, in some countries, more often than men. -- P. 56

Only God could have a free choice- and only on the first day of creation, since He would be confronted on the second day by what He had already done on the first. -- P. 223

Both journalistic anecdotes and scholarly studies often show vast amounts of money being transferred to Third World governments without producing any significant economic growth and, in some cases, there are actual declines in real incomes in the wake of grandiose projects financed by foreign aid. -- P. 211

To say that women are paid 60 percent of what men receive for doing the same work is to say that employers can afford to pay two male workers more than they pay three female workers- the women producing 50 percent more output- and still survive economically in a system so competitive that most businesses go under inside of a decade. -- P. 187

Much discussion of the decisions of businessmen in general by intellectuals proceeds as if employers, landlords, and others operating under the systemic pressures of the marketplace are free to make arbitrary and capricious decisions based on prejudice and misinformation–as if they were intellectuals sitting around a seminar table–and pay no price for being mistaken. — P. 188

Such are the ways of politics, where the crusade of the hour often blocks out everything else, at least until another crusade comes along and takes over the same monopoly of our minds. -- P. 210

Among the definitions of a 'cracker' in the Oxford dictionary is a 'braggart'- one who 'talks trash' in today‘s vernacular- a wisecracker... What is painfully ironic is that such attitudes and behavior are projected today as aspects of a distinctive 'black identity,' when in fact they are a part of a centuries-old pattern among the whites in whose midst generations of blacks lived in the South. -- P. 12 - 12

Another feature of middleman minorities cited by various scholars has been their tendency to invest in highly mobile capital- intellectual skills being the ultimate in portability- rather than fixtures that could not move. -- P. 107

For a particular minority group to become dominant in retailing or money-lending, whether at a high or a low economic level, means that their behavior pattern must be fundamentally different from that of the surrounding population. -- P. 72

-cosmic justice attempts to create equal results or equal prospects, with little or no regard for whether the individuals or groups involved are in equal circumstances or have equal capabilities or equal personal drives. To do this, it cannot operate under general rules, the essence of law, but must create categories of people entitled to various outcomes, regardless of their own inputs. -- P. 160

The covert methods by which affirmative action has been foisted on a society that rejects it, the vengeful manner in which busing has been imposed without regard for the welfare of children, and the lofty contempt of a remote and insulated elite for the mass of citizens whose feelings and interests are treated as expendable, or dismissed as mere 'racism,' provide the classic ingredients of blindness and hubris that have produced so many human tragedies. However much history may be invoked in support of these policies, no policy can apply to history but can only apply to the present or the future. The past may be many things, but it is clearly irrevocable. Its sins can no more be purged than its achievements can be expunged. Those who suffered in centuries past are as much beyond our help as those who sinned are beyond our retribution. To dress up present-day people in the costumes and labels of history and symbolically try to undo the past is to surpass Don Quixote and jeopardize reality in the name of visions. To do so in ways that harm the already disadvantaged is to skirt the boundaries of sanity and violate the very claims of compassion used to justify it. -- P. 119

Despite the name, capitalism is not an 'ism.' It is not a philosophy but an economy. -- P. 207