Thomas Sowel Quotes

By ingredients they mean physical ingredients, which are usually inexpensive, rather than the knowledge ingredient which is usually astronomically expensive because of years of research, including much trial and error. -- P. 82

Teenage pregnancy was declining, over a period of more than a dozen years, before so- called 'sex education' programs spread rapidly through American schools in the 1970s. Teenage pregnancies then rose sharply, along with federal expenditures on 'sex education' programs and 'family-planning' clinics, many located in schools. -- P. 63

Widespread personification of ‘society’ is another verbal tactic that evades issues of personal responsibility. Such use of the term ‘society’ is a more sophisticated version of the notion that ‘the devil made me do it.’ Like much of the rest of the special vocabulary of the anointed, it is used as a magic word to make choice, behavior, and performance vanish into thin air. — P. 199

-unlike God at the dawn of Creation, we cannot simply say, 'let there be equality!' or 'let there be justice!' We must begin with the universe that we were born into and weigh the costs of making any specific change in it to achieve a specific end. We cannot simply 'do something' whenever we are morally indignant while disdaining to consider the costs entailed.' -- P. 8

Like other evil, war is seen by those with the constrained vision as originating in human nature and as being contained by institutions. To those with the unconstrained vision, war was seen as being at variance with human nature and caused by institutions. -- P. 144

The rise of blacks into professional and other high-level occupations was greater in the years preceding passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than the years following passage of that act. -- P. 241

People who pride themselves on their "complexity" and deride others for being "simplistic" should realize that the truth is often not very complicated. What gets complex is evading the truth.

The central assumption behind busing was perhaps no where better expressed than by Los Angeles Judge Paul V. Egly, when he declared that minority students would be 'irreparably damaged' if busing were even delayed, and that his task was to 'make the most efficient use of increasingly scarce white students as possible' by spreading them around for the benefit of the many minority youngsters who constituted a majority of the city‘s school children. 'Kipling‘s doctrine of 'the white man‘s burden' was now transformed into a judicial doctrine of the white child‘s burden- a doctrine that came very close to fighting racism with racism. -- P. 69

An airport, a hospital, or a sports arena is considered desegregated when everyone has the opportunity to use it. Regardless of what proportions of people from what groups actually use it. But a school with exactly the same racial proportions as an audience attending an opera or passengers using Dulles Airport could easily be served with a federal court order to desegregate, while other institutions would not be. -- P. 64

Ironically, many of the bitter-end defenders of the current public school system and its educational dogmas are also in favor of preferential admissions of minority students to colleges and universities. In other words, having denied minority children an opportunity to develop the kinds of intellectual skills that would make lower admissions standards for them unnecessary, they then send minority students on to institutions where they are less likely to meet course standards designed for better prepared students- and where most minority students do not last long enough to graduate. -- P. 244

It as if Darwinism stood on its head, with the unfittest being the most likely to survive as public school teachers. -- P. 26

mathematics, is that many students are confident incompetents, whether discussing social issues, world events, or other subjects. -- P. 5

Not only did many of the groups who settled the South distain business as a career, as their ancestors had in parts of Britain from which they came, they typically lacked the kinds of habits necessary to be successful in business. -- P. 18

The powerful incentives created by a profit-and-loss economy depend on the profits being private property. -- P. 245

The political battles of the day are a potpourri of special interests, mass emotions, personality clashes, corruption, and numerous other factors. Yet the enduring historic trends have a certain consistency that reflects certain visions. -- P. 17

Another and very different kind of bias is based on favoritism for one‘s own group, which may exist independently of any belief, presumption, or bias about inferior abilities in other groups. -- P. 166

In reality, the proportion of women in the professions and other higher level positions was greater during the first decades of the twentieth century than in the middle of the twentieth century- and all of this was before either anti-discrimination laws or the rise of the feminist movement. -- P. 58

One of the many differences between human beings and God on Judgment Day is that God does not have to worry about what is going to happen the day after Judgment Day. -- P. 22

Someone once said that an idea that fails repeatedly may possibly be wrong... Sincerity of purpose is not the same as honesty of procedure. -- P. 111 / 120

States that spend more per pupil in the public schools do not generally have any better educational performance to show for it. -- P. 11